I love all the arts, and I've tried many of them. I studied painting in NYC when I was younger. I even did a semester in Paris, so I was lucky enough to see many of the masterpieces I had only read about in books, like the Mona Lisa. I left art school after four years and that's when I learned how to use the Mac. I worked in design and print before moving back to my home state of Montana in '94.

A selection of my artwork over the years may be seen here (at low resolution), any of which may be made into high resolution prints at a size to suit you.


My first SLR was a little Fujica that shot great photos, so I took a class and learned how to make prints in the darkroom. I had a Canon AE1 before finally going digital with a Nikon. Now I've got the fabulous Canon 7D.

I've assembled some of my favorite photos and put them together here in albums by topic, with some text describing them. As a group, they tell our story. They're all at low resolution, and most are cropped down from the original to be a consistent size for the albums.


My partner Piere and I ran a restaurant and art gallery from 03–06, and this summer we'll be opening a giclée print shop and gallery. I've got the amazing Epson 9900 wide-format printer, which will make your prints on paper or canvas up to 44" wide and as long as you like.

To have prints made from your digital files, please check out our

Wild Plum Studio site for more information.


I got my first Mac in 1989 so I've been at this for some time. In addition to making prints, there are a number of other graphic and digital services I can provide. Learn more here:


Digital technology has come a long way since I first learned Photoshop. To stay current, I went back to school for media arts in 2010. I give an overview of projects I've worked on and the technologies used here: