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Since returning to school several years ago as a non-trad media arts student, I've learned a number of new technologies. This semester my focus was on web design. This site and the one for our giclée printing business, the Wild Plum Studio, is the result of my efforts. It was quite a challenge, but one I've looked forward to for a very long time. In the future (read: when I learn how!), the album on this page will showcase media projects I've worked on. HTML5 makes it possible to embed audio and video files directly onto the page, but my knowledge of java script and HTML5 has only scratched the surface. Learning more about it all is something I look forward to. For now, I must be content with providing a link to the online source for my 15 minute documentary about the early days of Occupy Missoula, Reading the Signs, my most ambitious project to date. I learned a lot about filmmaking while making it.

I can add one more link to a school project – my final in Costume Design 2. This is a class in the Theater Department. We studied Midsummer Night's Dream for a good portion of the semester, but our final was on Thirst, a one act play by Eugene O'Neill. This was a fun class.
I learned a lot and enjoyed getting back to my roots. Sewing was my first art form.

There's one project in particular I'd enjoy sharing, but I haven't put it online. It's a song I composed using Logic for a class in the music department. I studied music every year as a kid, sang in the chorus, played guitar, etc. etc., so I really enjoyed the class. I'd made a choice years ago to go with visual art, but I've often wondered what my life would be like today if I'd chosen music instead. Anyway, having a trained ear is a good
thing to have in video editing!

The rest will just have to wait. I've simply run out of time.