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In 1999, Piere and I did a crazy thing. Not for the first time, mind you, but this was so big our parents tried hard to talk us out of it. We did it anyway. We bought a derelict 4500 square foot stone building in a small town on the Flathead Reservation. No big deal, right? We'd fixed up our previous property so we had some sweat equity, which was our down payment. This wouldn't be so hard. And so began our life here in Dixon.

Someday I'd like to make a film about the whole adventure, because it might have some value to anyone thinking of doing such a thing. It could either be a cautionary tale or an engaging story of inspiration, one. Some days I'm glad we did it, and on others I wonder what were we thinking?! Who has time for art? Now here we are, thirteen years later and we're still remodeling rooms, some now for the second or even third time. I've documented the entire process – like tearing up the floors to fix the rotting rim joist, to name just one project. The 19" thick stone walls are awfully heavy, after all. We saved the old place from certain death, that's for sure. She turned 100 years old this year. Long may she live.

Seriously though, now that we're almost done, I can honestly say it was worth it. Dixon is a great little town. The people are friendly and kind. I enjoy the overall pattern of our lives, and I'm very excited about the next phase; getting the print biz and
gallery going. I think it will mark the beginning of a strong period
of creative activity for us both, and hope it may inspire other
artists to do the same.

Currently, we're looking for an enterprising and experienced
person or couple who would like to open a restaurant in 2013.
The costs would be low and it includes a living space.