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We're fortunate to live in Montana because we have so many animal photo opportunities! It's easy to spot the one photo in this group that wasn't taken here. However, I should add that we do have lots of sea gulls just north of us on the mighty Flathead Lake, and closer still in farmers' fields during the spring planting.

The buffalo photos were taken just up the road from us at a friend's ranch. In 2010, I made a short film about his herd, so I had a chance to see them up close and personal. What an experience! They're such amazing creatures. When I have time, I'll embed the video here.

We spend many spare moments on the Flathead River, and swallows are one of my favorite local birds because they're so playful. They come back every year right on schedule just like at San Juan Capistrano. Can you spot the trumpeter swans in this album?

And what would any proper animal photo album be without
some horses, or mountain goats from Glacier National Park?!

And yes, we also have our yaks.